Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Terra firma - (solid earth)

Got a call from a high school friend I haven't seen or spoken to in over 40 years.  We now both live a continent away from where we did when we were high school friends.  Plus different countries, different life journeys, different ministry focuses.

But the same Lord, the same memories of the days of youth, the same life station now (stepping towards retirement) and the same spiritual passions.  And we both have Grandpa stories to share.

The call was a trip into the past....both joyful, and painful - especially when hearing about mutual buddies now gravely ill, or marriages in trouble.  It was deeply touching to have made the contact.  I could hardly express it to Jackie.  Life goes by quickly.

And then eternity.

Makes me reflect on what heaven may be like.  Some things we know for sure:"He will wipe away all tears." "We shall know as we have been known."  "We shall rule and reign with Him in the new heavens and new earth."   And "so we shall forever be with the Lord."

I use a bright orange (Berol Prismacolor pencil #917 - "streets of gold...:) - to mark verses in the Bible that speak of heaven, the future of those who have been faithful during this time on earth,  the blessings that await us.  There are vast numbers of most of the Bible.

This dimension of reality is as solid as the earth under our feet.

So....May each of us keep the big - the really BIG picture in focus.  May the things of earth "grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace."


The next time I write, it will be from our 7th location of transitional  ministry, Milford, Nebraska.  Join me in praying for a wonderful outpouring of His presence and will.