Wednesday, November 28, 2012

God's will and adversity

It's been a long time since I blogged.

For all of you who have checked in over and over, I apologize.  The times have been hectic...with adjusting to Milford, helping our kids, watching our grandkids, having a blizzard of hospitality in our home, traveling the 520 miles back and forth to our place of ministry and much more.  It has been and is intense, but the Lord has been helping us.  Milford is doing well, making changes, growing, adjusting. Some real victories to celebrate.

I'll try to do better on keeping you posted...and every time I enter a blog, I will as well, inform you of it by Facebook.  Your readership and comments are special.  Thanks for your understanding.

Right now, we are in day 6 of a 9-day watching of Carson and Preslie for JJ and Jess who are in Istanbul, Turkey at a conference.  We are back in Colorado this week, and will travel back to Nebraska on Saturday.

My attention caught this morning in reviewing Acts with the question: how often did God's will get tempered by resistance? - i.e. how often did refocusing get brought about by the "insurmountable?"

Answer - 12 times between Acts 8 and 20 - I won't list them all, but you might try to find them in your own reading.  Here are just a few of what I found:
     1. 8:4ff - those who were scattered (resistance produced new locations) went about preaching
     2. 9:29ff - because of threats (to stay meant probable loss of life) they sent Paul off to Tarsus
     3. 12 - after Peter's rescue from imprisonment - "he departed to another place"

They stood strong in the face of resistance, but when a line was crossed, they also knew how to readjust and go to more receptive (and safer) places.

Wish I knew how this all worked, but it does give me pause to see that it did (even for the original apostles).

Bravado is not always proof of walking in God's will.  Sometimes, prudence and shifting is too.

Selah...from someone who is lots more at ease with what seems like prudence.