Monday, June 27, 2011


I am reading Donald Bloesch's book, THE HOLY SPIRIT (IVP, 2000).

He begins his chapter on Pentecostalism with these intersting quotes:

1. From J.A. Synan, historian and church leader:
"The latter-rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit is God's final great movement of power to provide a strong witness to the church and the world before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ."

2. From Clark Pinnock - contemporary, evangelical theologian:
"Conversion without empowering is not enough - it is sub-normal Christianty. The pentecostals have been right about this - the rest of us had better listen."

3. From John Mackay -
"If it is a choice....between the uncouth life of the Pentecostals and the aesthetic death of the older churches, I for one choose the uncouth life."

I talked with a church leader last night who has in the last few days experienced a mighty empowering presence of the Spirit. It was messy, a bit loud, emotional, and appears about to be leading him into a walk more deeply in the presence of the Lord. A bit uncouth, it is something that has so enlivened him that words flow at great length.

I got hungrier just listening to him.

Are you?

May this be a time in all of our lives of seeking earnestly for His renewing and empowering presence.

Oh God, have mercy on us, and fill us to overflowing with your life.

Friday, June 24, 2011


The deviousness of our natures, the passions of our pleasures, the forces of society and the cycles of life and work, can make life into a series of circles and jumps etched out on the surface of our lives.

Anyone can end up asking: so what was my life all about? Did I get anything done that lasts? Was that worth my life?

A proverb speaks eloquently to this vast and human predicament..."Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint" Proverbs 29:18/ESV.

It is a clear sense of God's applied truth, His plan for our lives, and "the goal set before us" that not only helps us endure the crazies, but live each day with passion and progress. And in the end we are able to say, "this was worth my life."

And then...eternity!

Without clear vision the result is a circling life..the flurry of this and the flurry of that..satisfactions that last only briefly, and energies that soon ebb. Even the casting off of "restraint" - footnote: or living in a discouraged state.

The wandering life with no compelling sense of why.

Perhaps it is time to ask some tall questions, like the ones above, and wait before the Lord until something of His compelling presence begins to shape new life purpose and vision.

Jesus, was dominated by vision...for the here and now, and for forever. The closer we are to Jesus, the more we will be dominated by His vision for our lives.

In these often "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer," may we find times and places of life-shaping encounter with Him.

'cause if you have a compelling vision, even the next step can be in the right direction.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Rob Bell got it wrong.

There is a hell.

My definition:
Hell is: being on call for two different enterprises at once,
- with a separate phone to manage each endeavor.
Oh, and a separate company made each phone, now rather aged, and two other companies manage your calling services.

And the phones have nagging "problems" and you are trying to get tech support.

After a "hold the line, we'll be back soon" and the redefinition of "soon" to be about 15 minutes, a symphonic group labors incessantly to try to make you forget the elapse of time. Not successful.

Tech support is finally live..and they begin with an apology for asking you the "24strictly confidential questions" that make sure you are really you. They need your access information, you know, that wierd word or thing never thought of from birth to the least you haven't even thought about it since you got the phone.

...eternally they keep saying, "Thank you Mr/s ________, do you have time for a few more questions?"

At times, you are guessing at what they are saying, because the tech support persons speak english as a second language and continually ask you: "Do you understand?" pronounced, "We untertand, eh?"

And your "yeses" said often in faith, come in shorter and shorter clips.

All the calls you need to respond to are "urgent," - some breaking into the connection with frequency, making you think the line has gone dead. (And secretly you wish that it would.)

All of this, while you are standing in a rather slow-moving que at a restaurant..keeping the phones switching off on your left ear to hear over the incessant crowd noise - and often a finger inserted in your right ear...and foreground music playing all the time, keeping the stalled ones happy.

What is crazy, is that some of us have been there lately.

Oh, how much we need to remember Jesus' words:
(John 14:27)
"Peace I leave with you,
My peace I give to you.
Not as the world gives do I give to you.
Do not let your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid."

So, if your days recently have become rather "hellish"'s time to look up to heaven, get some regular re-stabalizing action going on inside, and slow down.

'Cause, stuff that comes from heaven, just doesn't make for hellish living.


Pastor Dave

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Fathers Day Memory from Jackie

She was only five.
Now, almost 50 years have passed.
But the memory lingers on.
She remembers where it happened, what time of day, who was there, and who wasn't.
It was just her mother and father.
And it was at lunchtime.
She followed her dad, fresh in from hard work on the farm, to the place where he would wash up.
And after his hands were clean, he ran some water on his face and then on his dark hair. Then he ran a comb though it, shiney and slick, running back across his head. A handsome man indeed. An Elvis sort of look. She was transfixed.
After he went to the kitchen to eat she remained where she was before the mirror.
And then this unusual act...she ran some water across her face and hair, and took the comb and urged her hair to move back, just like her dad's.
And it was an early following of him...that would also include, work, values, patterns of life, faith...God.
He's gone now...but referred to often.
Fathers have just that kind of influence those who follow.
God, too, knows that, and invites us to call Him Father.
May each of us this Father's Day weekend remember the good, and follow the best of those who have gone before.

Thanks Dad.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Sunday is Pentecost Day....a celebration of the church universal just as is Easter, Christmas etc.
I think about the patience and timing of God in this day.
Jesus had been here incarnated for over 30 years.
He had ministered for over two years.
He had given His life on the cross and then risen from the dead.
He appeared to the disciples in breathtaking and convincing ways for 40 days!
Then, in front of them all he rose straight into heaven.
This is our faith...this is the certainty of what we believe.
Jesus did it was more than enough to solve the sin problem, the separation of God from us problem, the where to spend eternity. essence to provide the ultimate in meaning and potential for anyone.
And yet God waited again...for ten more days.
Until Pentecost
...for on that 50th day after Jesus resurrection, the tenth after His ascension, there was to be a gala time of celebration. He had planned a spectacular inaugural all His own.
He sent the Holy Spirit upon people so powerfully that through them He would change the world.
There would be a wind of great power...flames of fire lighting upon each one....and the introduction of the language of heaven to the people of mission. What an incredible scene. Most of all, power was given to each person to live and speak Jesus everywhere.
The church that was launched goes on to this numbering hundreds of millions.
So, as this weekend is upon us, lets allow our hearts to be filled afresh with Pentecost.


P.S. Canyon Road AG in Ogden is great...staff, leaders, people..the first week has been a winner! Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We are close to departure now for Ogden, Utah.

We will do interim pastoral ministry there, keeping the church strong, coaching them through the search process for a new senior pastor, and providing care for the 200 or more people that are a part of Canyon Road Assembly. Projected time: 5-6 months...perhaps more.

We will live in two places, Ogden and Colorado Springs, but mostly Odgen. Leaving one vehicle here and driving the other vehicle up there.

Canyon Road is a great church that has been pastored for over 30 years by Ray and Bev Wead. They have done extremely well, with God's help, building a strong and capable group of people.

But no matter how long the years and firm the commitments, transitions do come for everything and everyone. That is until the Final Transition when Jesus returns and everything morphs into the eternal.

We hope you will turn promps into prayers, when the Spirit brings us to your minds.

Staying in touch:
a. I will maintain a regular entry on this blog
b. we will both continue on facebook
c. Jackie's cell phone: 719-200-9231
d. I will be carrying the church cell - not secured yet
e. The church number is 801-621-2185

We will continue to coach and respond to a variety of requests.

Traveling to Utah this summer? Look us up.

We sense this is a God thing, and are expecting that we will have encouraging words to pass on to you in the months ahead.