Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was greeted on Facebook this morning, first thing, by Fred.

He asked me (about my picture posted) if I was 65 yet?
And then: can you still walk on your hands?

My answers:
I only walk on my hands at the end of a very long wearisome day. (Get it?)

Two rather remarkable questions:
one about my age - you are not supposed to ask that.
one about my craziness - you are supposed to have forgotten old querques.

But I am all smiles and answer him chuckling.

Fred is a friend.

He appeared in my life when he moved from Saskatchewan to Montreal to take advantage of his full scholarship to McGill University. I was in High School struggling with the death of my mother and the reshaping of our family.

His distance from home and our families great loss, put us together often and we became friends...over pizza, clowning, and seeking God about what we were to do with our lives. (We both became pastors...and still are.)

Age differences, country differences (for the rest of our lives), seeing each other only on very rare occasions.

Still friends.

So as I walk this morning, after his greeting, my mind is exercising too, and joyfully thinking about Fred and friendships that last.

My SS Malibu is now probably rust. My "dream home" is left behind. The Senior Pastor role is gone. My fathering is giving way to grandfathering.

Everything changes...some things disappear.

Friends have a way of remaining.

Fred and I exchanged words about getting together again...and I assure you if we do it will be memorable. Friendships resume often if given even the slightest chance.

So make sure a lot of your energy and resources are given to friendship.

Especially too with Jesus. Best friend ever.

Thanks Fred.



Monday, August 30, 2010


First, an update on the book Spirit Life.

Last Thursday we had 50 copies of the book delivered to our door. Immediately we sent out about 20 that had been preordered...and yesterday at Restoration Church we sold out...with verbal requests for at least 12 more. So just a few minutes ago I contacted Chi Alpha with another order of 50. It is thrilling to sense the interest and timeliness of the book...teachers, small group leaders, pastors with keen interest. Some who have now worked through the book like it a lot. Discussions about this being core material for all believers. PTL!

If you want a copy, send us $20 and enclose a self-addressed card or label and we will turn your order around in quick fashion. Our address: 3989 Pronghorn Meadows Circle, Colorado Springs, Colo 80922.

Within the week we will probably have a Pay Pal site opened on this blog that will let most of the transaction go quickly and efficiently.


I carry a moleskine, ruled journal, with me everywhere. Fits a shirt pocket..or jeans pocket...and that way, I am never without the ability to keep brief track of of what I sense the Lord might be prompting to me. (I got my Moleskine at Barnes and Noble - pack of three)

Yesterday, in the midst of a great service, I penned this thought..."Think of what maturity it took for Jesus to minister in the temple."

Jesus, knew very early, that he would face enough opposition and reaction by the people who dominated that place (the temple) that it would lead to his death..and a horrid form of death at that. There has never been a rejection of someone good any more profound and painful. There has rarely been as much clear awareness that it was impending.

And yet, Jesus was often in the temple area teaching at his best, loving people and helping so many find the pathway to life and health. He did not withdraw for safety sake. He did not rage for emotions sake. He did not limit his speech for avoidance sake. He spoke the truth where he was...He continued the course. He entrusted himself to the Father and showed us what maturity really is all about.

I tend to be one who avoids the negative situations, withdraws to the company of friends, and limits my words. It comes naturally to do that. Produced by self-preservation, fear...and more.

And that pattern to temper my stance is underlined in me by the times that I have faced that kind of response from people after the fact, and for somewhat trivial things...and with very little consequence of suffering for me. Immaturity is easy. Maturity is costly and self-sacrificial.

Jesus had the huge and intense picture in view early, and he continued the course, to speak truth, to love people and to run the whole race, trusting the Father.

May we "run the race set before us" today...and provide a reliable and even strength to those who follow, and perhaps even resist.



Thursday, August 26, 2010


There are times in our understanding of the word, when it is the understanding of the big, long words that we must master....propitiation, atonement, reconciliation, preeminence...are but a few examples.

Today, in my reading of scripture, I came to a fresh understanding of how important the little words are to the infusion of our souls with light...
I will quote the passage and in each little-HUGE-word case put it in caps.

"He is THE image of THE invisible God,
THE firstborn of ALL creation.
For by him ALL things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities
- ALL things were created through him and for him.
And he is before ALL things,
and in him ALL things hold together.
And he is THE head of THE body THE church.
He is THE beginning, THE firstborn from the dead,
that in EVERYthing he might be preeminent.
For in him ALL the fulness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself ALL things,
whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross." Colossians 1:15-20

Jesus is unique and entire...THE only one who is as He is...for everyone and every situation we face.

May you have a powerful HUGE-word day.

Jesus..He is more than enough.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Reading today in II Corinthians 10-11 I was struck by the incredible contrast between our view of strength and God's....between what success looks like to us and God...between the "followable" people of the world...and the truly followable.

It all began to hit me when I pondered Paul's words in II Corinthians 10:1 - "I entreat you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ - I who am humble when face to face with you....I beg you"

And then the similarly zoned words began to stack up: Paul, describing his style uses these expressions: "weak, speech of no account, do not boast, do not commend myself, sincere, pure (in) devotion, unskilled in speaking, humble, serving, too weak - and perhaps you can spot more. And his point of departure to living at peace with this style, this description of himself in actuality, is Jesus Himself...whose meekness and gentleness sets the primary example.

Meek people are the opposite of pushy, irritated, mad, loud, centered-on-self people. Gentle people are soft, tender, listening, emoting with, safe, even playful people.

And that is our model..the meekness and gentleness of Christ.

So, how do we get there...just a bit more today?

A few ideas...

1. Take this blog focus as a cue from the Lord and as you need to, talk out whatever has been in your life recently that is in the wrong direction. Ask forgiveness and tell Jesus that you want to be more like Him. (The forgiveness tends to run very deep when we actually go to a person we have been harsh with and ask for forgiveness.)

2. And if anger, and wrong words, and selfishness surface in the hours just ahead, (and they can so unexpectedly), repent quickly and get back on the Jesus' track of gentle attitude and self-control.

3. Celebrate Christ characteristics wherever you spot them. Prize the gentle...and commend the weak.

4. Serve...do it with thought and purpose and love.

It really is an upsidedown kingdom (from that of the world)
but...this is truly the Jesus model.

There will be lots of time to "rule and reign with Him"
...that comes later
and forever.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spirit Life

Spirit Life.

Two nights ago I simply could not go to sleep....for joy and anticipation. It was set off by checking my e-mail just before bed and receiving a word from a good friend that he passed his copy of Spirit Life to his mother and she began reading it and got so into it that she read it all night. She is a very mature and godly person so that was an especially wonderful comment. And he continued that he wanted me to send him 10 copies right away...and that perhaps they would be using it in a Texas Teen Challenge center.

So I went to bed rather overcome with the sense that God is in this...and it is going to be used by Him to advance the Kingdom. Both Jackie and I got caught up for a very long time in His presence.

Yesterday I presented Spirit Life to a gathering of pastors and immediately after sold out of the copies I had...with orders I will fill when more arrive. (Should be in a few days.) In introducing me to the pastors, the District Superintendent said he had read this book and recommended it to them as an important help for ministry.

And that is what this blog is about. Some of you have requested a copy of Spirit Life and now I can tell you how to get one.

1. Send a check and your address on a piece of paper - that we can easily attach to a mailing container for return mail. After we get your check and mailing address we will send the book to you. Indicate if you want it signed. Our address is - 3989 Pronghorn Meadows Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80922

2. The check should be made out to "David Argue" - for $20 - this covers the book, handling and mail costs. And we will be very prompt in getting it to you.

3. If you want multiple copies, we can fill that request as well...at $20 per book.

There are about 300 copies of Spirit Life not sold at present, and shortly Chi Alpha will probably commence putting together a second edition. So this is your chance to get the first edition.

I hope that this explanation reaches all of those who have indicated an interest in getting a copy of the book. Another opportunity to watch the Lord tap people on the shoulder...and make up for our limitations. We hope to be up on a Pay Pal site soon.

God bless you!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Finishing my reading of the Book of Acts today and I noticed a great principle embedded in chapter 27.

It is interesting that this wrap-up account of Paul's life is given great attention...more so than most other major events in the book.

Here is what I noticed:

1. Paul has important insight that the weather is turning bad and if they proceed it will result in injury and much loss (:10-11). They, however, pay no attention to him and instead, they "put out to sea." All 276 of them sail into the teeth of disaster...and Paul must go with them!

2. Paul is right in his sense of things, and the counsel they follow is wrong.

3. For days the ship is beaten up by the weather...stuff is thrown overboard to lighten the ship, no one has eaten for days...and now Paul gets another word: from an angel - that no life will be lost, but that the ship will run aground. His declaration: "I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told."

And that is exactly what does happen.
For the second time Paul is right...but with their actions, his prayers (?) and the angel's appearance, the word he has been given now, changes greatly.

It's all there in the 27th chapter of Acts...fascinating reading. (I wonder if the chapter has any rival in detailing maritime travel in the 1st century?..and what it also does to reinforce the confidence we can have in the inspiration of scripture?)

But, to the point I see and the idea: REBOUND.

What so often happens in our walk with Jesus follows somewhat along these lines:
1. We get a word, a prompt, a direction that affects others....and we share it.
2. It is not followed or attended to...or perhaps even affirmed.
3. Unlike Paul, we get hurt and pull back...taking up an offense.
4. We close down and "I won't try that again" becomes an operational inside read.

Instead, Paul is showing us a new way:
1. Share what you sense God has given you
...serve humbly, leaving the results to God.

2. Stay "on the boat" no matter what they do or don't do with it.
(Paul didn't have an option in this matter....but we often do.)

3. Keep listening to God and sharing what He keeps giving you.
I think Paul must have been much in prayer as the storm worsened.
He kept opening his heart up, not closing it down
...until, in the midst of craziness, he can recieve an angel.

4. Focus on people who need God contact...not on yourself
Always needing validation, affirmation? or is it only me? :)

5. The "ride" can have some shipwrecks in it, and some sopping wet moments
...but even then, the hand of God can be mightily at work.

6. Don't shipwreck yourself, when the "boat" you are all in is in tough water.
You might be the only stability, God-antenna, true north person on board.

Let's keep rebounding
...letting the unaffirmed moments get transformed into new strengths.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Thanks to TV, movies, web posts, twitter and more, life often seems to move from one huge mind-boggling event to the next.

Replays and closeups, slow-downs, and speed-ups bring us right into the action and give heart-stopping coverage.

Seems like each week there is a new championship match...from anywhere in the world. The new world record holder is..... Wasn't the world soccer competion fabulous!? And here comes football...and the boys of October.

After awhile seems like we might start to conclude that that is normal life, after all.

And, if we are not aware, this can lead to some very poor self ratings. (Ever seen me play soccer?)

Well, I really enjoy all that stuff...but want to go on record today reaffirming that most of life is really about taking the next modest step.

There aren't really a whole lot of leaps across a canyon...or jumps into starry places, or records climbing those 14ers. It is mostly about doing the next modest, even insignificant thing. Taking a bunch of little steps that lead you to that worthy end that few people see, but to you and God, really does mean a whole lot.

I remember Dr. Gordon Fee, New Testament world class scholar, and writer of the 850 page commentary on First Corinthians, summing up a teaching on the christian life by saying:
"As I end, I want to quote a poem that to me puts this whole thing of living for Jesus in proper perspective. And here it is:
Plod on
Plod on
Plod on
Plod on
Plod on
Plod on
Plod on.

I wonder if this was a bit of what Saint Peter had in mind when he wrote to early christians with these words:
"If you endure...this is commendable before God. To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you. leaving you an example, that you shold follow in his steps." I Peter 2...
....and that for Peter included countless actual steps in his living out the Jesus life, right next to Jesus.

So today, may the Lord give each of us the grace to make that phone call, pull those weeds, read those texts, call those screams, get that exercise, send that note, wash those dishes.

Steps...along the path of real champions,



Friday, August 6, 2010


Friday, August 6, 2010

Two days ago I was out on the high seas.

Micah and I had booked for a whale-watching venture and put out on a large - room for 30 people - craft from Monterey Bay, off the coast of Central California. Captain said we would be going 6-8 miles out across rolling waters.

We zipped and buttoned as land slowly faded from view. An overcast and blustery day.

We scanned the grey waters and grey cloud formations. Any sign of life?

The first clue that success might be ours was a spew - and a tall, narrow vertical puff of white spray many yards off the bow. It was a whale surfacing and clearing its throat :) - something that relates me closely to them.

At times there were spews going on in various places and then we began to see dark moving objects on the horizon, as blue whales (some of the largest God-made creatures) were surfacing.

Then humpbacks humping their backs (go figure)...in little clusters, I should say, big clusters. And at times they would seem to be at play.

The water would suddenly flatten and bubble, a sign that whales were "fishing" nearby.

Then the darting of dorsal fins...as porpoises hunted in groups...in the krill and shrimp beds far below the surface. And comorants, and sea birds...tiny like sparrows, with fishing-rod beaks.

And seals way out in the ocean and perfectly at home.

At one point we wheeled around at the first sounds of a great humpback whale breaching - flinging himself into the air to show us his unique white body tattos and then crashing down on the water.

Two hours in their world.

No.....it was actually two hours in HIS world.

"Praise the Lord from the earth,
you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,
lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds that do his bidding
...let them praise the name of the Lord,
for His name alone is exalted; his splendor is above the earth and the heavens." Psalm 148:7,13.

My ESV footnote (to Psalm 104:25-26): "This Psalm joins the creation account in portraying the various creatures as subject to the Lord, not opposing him. The admiration continues, as the song says that God formed Leviathan (the whale) to play in the seas (or, if the alternate rendering in the ESV footnote is followed, he formed it to be his partner in play.)"

Just had to invent a word for the ending...It is a combination of whale and hosanna.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These days are outstanding.
We are visiting Micah, Sarah and Ella....and having a wonderful time.
Fresh seafood...the Monterey Aquarium...picking strawberries...vast expanses of artichoke fields, In and Out Burger, and such good times sharing. Ella is a bundle of joy and such fun. Micah is on a break from language school. It is a gift to be here. Evenings are cool and even damp.
The vast fields of produce are populated by migrant workers...one wonders what would happen if the much discussed laws become the way we operate.
We will return to home late Thursday.
Meanwhile...these words ring in my ears...
This is my Father's world.
I rest me in the thought.
Of rocks and trees and skies and seas.
His hands the wonders wrought.
Back in touch soon.