Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Thanks

November 4, 2008

It's Election Day.

New records for voter turnout likely to be set.

Presidential candidates stumping various states and then heading home.
...both to announced victory gatherings.

News coverage will run for eternity...with speculation, charts, polls, and pundits.

The winner seems forcast already, but who really knows?

Stories of intrigue and stories of heroism.
Joe the Plumber and Palin the Perky Alaskan.
Yard signs, TV spots, blog sites...ad infinitum.

Jackie and I voted a few days ago.
Back of a JCPenny-dominated mall.
Went early thinking, we'd avoid a lineup.
The line snaked back and forth for a very long distance. Heard that "yesterday it went to the escalator and down! :)" Now that's a line up - get it?!

It was an orderly proceedure.
People craming at the last minute for details - through a long and complex voter guide.

And as we drove away we remarked at how blessed we are to be able to live in this land, with its due process - pretty exciting at that. And its order and unity.

And we thought of the troops at FOB Kalagush that read this blog and the deep debt that we owe them for what they are doing right now, to make this process possible.

So on this pivotal election day - special thanks to all those who serve. We esteem you and appreciate you greatly!

May the day go peacefully and well.

May the outcome be followed by unity and strength.

May we all continue to believe in this land and be thankful for it.

And may we continue no matter what, to look to God to bless America.

Yes, yes, yes.



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