Monday, December 1, 2008


His name is Bennett.

He's one of my grandsons.

Full of energy and a dynamo at most everything he does.

At three he wanted to grow up to be "Oooperman."

And now he is four...."Oooperman" is now (properly)"Superman" - and the idea lives still in his imagination.

Many days he wears the Superman outfit...and some nights too.
And he "flies" - just very short distances - and does all kinds of mighty deeds for his family...with those minature muscles underneath blue satin.
Get around him and he'll rescue you from something - normally boredom! :)
Blond hair and lots of ambition. That is Bennet.

Oh, I expect he'll change a lot as he grows - with different views of what a super man really is.

This morning I read the letter called Ephesians.
It's tucked into the middle of the New Testament....a book that sparkles with incredible, life-changing truth.

Like, what is God's idea about what describes a super man?

Here is a cluster of words from chapter 4 - I encourage you to read it all.

Qualities of a super man:
"Completely humble, gentle, patient, bearing with (stuff), loving, making every effort to keep the unity, peaceful, holy, speaking truthfully, kind, compassionate."

What enormous strength is reflected in these words....a strength that God and our wills must form a partnership to achieve. But what a man this results in - a faithful partner and friend, a strong worker, trustworthy in hard places.

So, keep going Bennett....all the way to God's super man.

And may we all be on this road...together.



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