Thursday, September 29, 2011


They called him "Uncle Charlie."

A very special person....radical for Jesus. Generous - like the time he opened his home to take in children. "I'll take them all," he said to the judge and the five orphaned children became his.

A preacher, a man of God, a person who walked out an entirely dependent life on the provision of God.

Late in his life his habit was to leave the house and walk in the city and find a place to preach. "I have to preach," he would say, and be gone.

This day it was the same...only the time away began to lengthen and the family became concerned. Joe (the one who told me this story) finally felt a prompt to go and try to find him and began to drive his vehicle, looking for him. Finally came upon him sitting on a park bench.

When Joe approached him his first words were: "Where have you been? You're late!"

"Why do you say that?" Joe remonstrated. "Where have YOU been."

"Well," Charlie replied, "I prayed that you would come and pick me up about an hour ago and expected you to be here much sooner."

Not an isolated story about Charlie. Occasions of storms turned back, wheat de-blighted, people healed and transformed.

A man who walked in certainty.....about God, and faith, and following Him.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for...."

Certainty...may we walk in this path today.

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