Monday, October 17, 2011


We had gone to Cheddars to eat...all nine of us. Brad and Amy and family...and Jackie and I.
We had just been infused freshly with life at Church at Briargate.
Lots of chatter and joy.

Then I saw them come in...two very elderly people, both with oxygen assistance attached, both moving slowing to a table next to us. My guesses: married, in their 80's, out for a weekly special time together. And inside I marveled at their courage.

And as we ate I kept glancing their way, observing them often doing the same towards us...and eating with quiet seriousness.

Kendall...the 9-month-old youngest among us was being fed strained "something" and was enjoying it immensely. Smiles, reaching hands and occasional shrieks punctuating the air, insisting on more.

And finally it connected inside of me: her joy and their need for joy. What could happen if these generations could connect?

When I broached the idea to Amy, she said "fine" and so we turned Kendall in her high chair to face the couple nearby.

Quite absent looks turned bright and happy in immediate we all got acquainted.

And a story began to tumble out....about being Roman Catholic, and 92!, and not married, but friends from the same elderly care facility, and where do you go to church?

About her being gone from church for 50 years and now returning. And he being a deacon.

And Kendall kept smiling and they kept talking.

And it ended with real "God be with you and bless you's."

And there was real joy...and love...and faith.

And there was Jesus.


Rhonda said...

Sounds a bit like your message Sunday morning - watching/listening for opportunities for God to speak through/use you.

Harper Family said...

Hi Dave,
I attended your seminar at ABC Church last weekend. I was hoping to get a cyber copy of your book recommendations page. My email is Is it possible to get you to email one to me?