Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So we prayed and fasted last week....

Here is the report.

On Friday, a group of us gathered to pray. No words of intro or mini-teaching to inspire, except pre-recorded music over the sound system to provide encouragement and privacy.

As we prayed, "suddenly" the air became charged with the presence of God. People began to pray with heightened fervency, now-audible words, and passion. Tears began to flow. And the clock disappeared. The oft work of prayer had been transformed into a caught up time in the Spirit. The auditorium was awash in God.

When the Spirit came to partner permanently with the forming church it was a case of "suddenly." (Acts 2)

When the Apostle Paul was being called and shaped for ministry it was an experience of "caught up." (II Cor. 12)

If our church is not alive it can be marked by yawns, the predictable and the unmoved.

May His suddenly-s and surprises mark the pathways of our lives.

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christopherx said...

Praise God for His willingness to meet with us. That is a good Word Pastor. Suddenly and Caught up, that would definitely preach! May God continue to Bless and move among you all.