Thursday, January 8, 2009


Thursday - January 8, 2009


Hunting is really big in too.

Elk, deer, bear, trout, sheep and more had better go for a very long sleep when the season that puts them in the sights arrives. Even horses, cows and more are a bit in peril.

I am not a hunter. Only times I have hunted have established new records for imaginative staring at distant trees....and shivering.

Hunting? That's what they do...not me.

Then I am starting to read through my Bible this year - through the first book, Genesis....and I come to this phrase about a guy named Nimrod...."a mighty hunter before the Lord." (Genesis 10:9) In a place and time when hunting was the grocery store, he was good at it. He probably never just stared at trees and came home empty-handed.

But what really caught my eye too was "a mighty hunter before the Lord."

As I pondered that I realized that God had just exposed one of my tendencies. Compartmentalization. You can sing before the Lord and pray to the Lord and talk about the Lord. But you hunt, and bowl, and golf, and fish by yourself (or with friends).

Not so....God sees all, knows all, and is invested in all the stuff of our lives. It is all done before the Lord. It's just us that tune in and out of awareness.

That's why so many men talk about how they communed with God when they were out hunting. One man told me recently - I didn't even get to shoot, but I felt so restored in my soul. Hmm..sounds like a modern version of Nimrod to me.

So, whatever you are doing today. Realize you are doing it "before the Lord." No compartments. No stuff done where "no one can see." Nope...all we do and are is done before the Lord."

So, let's do whatever that is today...with all our might.

For today's Nimrod gang.


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