Tuesday, June 16, 2009



May 16, 2009

She stood there, tiny and alone.

It was to be her first solo.

The auditorium was large - 700 on the floor and 300 in a balcony. On this occasion the floor was nicely filled and the balcony was empty.

Introduced, she went to the edge of the stage to stand before the microphone.

She began with a quiver....and it all went downhill from there.

She forgot the words, couldn't find her voice and in seconds felt sheer panic.

Until....a gentle voice from behind her said:
"You're ok Pam.
Start again.
And keep your eyes on the balcony."

And she did.

And now a lifetime of songs have filled the air.

The voice: My father, then Pam's pastor.

The story: told at his memorial service with deep gratitude for the impact he has had on her whole life.

And that day after telling the story, she sang again, very well, and looking at the crowd. :)

So, if your beginning has led to humiliation, why not take Dad's advice:
1. Start all over again.
2. Keep looking up - and away from the focus that brings fear.

You can do it.

God will help you.

Go for it.



(Special thanks to Pam Kappi, a soloist for a lifetime.)

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