Wednesday, June 24, 2009


June 24 2009


He arrived safely home.


Our son, who has been stationed in the army in Afghanistan.


No more danger….well, not as much, at least.

No more snipers.

No more Taliban.

No more army food.

No more spiders and bugs.

No more makeshift facilities.

No more cots and crowding.

No more bombardments.

No more constant edgyness.

No more mortars.

No more suffering and death.

No more long times on surveillance.


The battalion exited the plane and assembled in file in the big hangar, which was packed with families and friends.

For five minutes the formalities went on - and then, mercifully, the "dismiss."

And the pandemonium began…"daddys", hugs, tears, kisses, little steps into big arms, clinging, laughter, dancing, relief, joy, clothing thrown in air, words of deep affection and pride.


Families reunited. Joy. Joy. Joy.

And one day we will "land" in heaven and be greeted there to a holy pandemonium.




May something of that….seep into your today, and make a real difference.



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Debbie said...

Thank you, Dave, I had a niece in Iraq and I can identify with the joy on her return, but the analogy with heaven brought tears to my eyes. I don't truly understand JOY. Again, thank you.