Thursday, August 20, 2009


August 21 2009


And so today, the reports and video accounts are coming in of women, many veiled, voting at small, cardboard voting stations
....risking their lives to express their opinions.
Some are not veiled
...refusing to be cowered into oblivion.

Men who refuse to remain in their homes, but vote to express their hope that their rugged land will move thereby towards order and well-being.

And in our home there were tears.

The evil seems to be being pushed back
...and we will see what the lasting results actually are.


Hopefully, a system of peace and order can come more into place.
People can live their lives not captive to the evil prince of darkness and terror.

And even, in the midst of it all, somehow, encounter the Prince of Peace....the One who bestowed such dignity upon women for all time and played freely with children. And Who gave the entirety of His life for the redemption of the world.

And who turns and by grace restores all who look to Him in faith.


Jesus...Savior of the world....and Afghanistan.

Thank you to our men who have and are serving the cause of peace.

You have spent your energy doing something that truly matters. Look on and see your shaddow falling across the paths of the people who today walk bravely towards a new and hopeful life.

We are all thankful today as we witness the progress.

Well done.

Watching this day with a grateful heart.


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