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August 12, 2009




And so we all gathered in Orlando.

Didn't hear an exact count, but I presume all told there were some 30,000 of us. All ages, all colors, all stations.

All – with a commitment to Christ and desire for more and more of His Spirit.

It was memorable indeed.

Dr. George Wood – our General Superintendent – led with profound balance and fairness, and humor to break the tensions. His word to us (you can tune in to it at ag.org) was breathtaking and deeply encouraging. Dick Brogden's word about taking the gospel to the farthest reaches of the planet, caused many to wipe tears coming from hearts deeply moved. (I'm there again even as I write these words to you.)

Hundreds said "yes" to the call at the end of the service and lingered long at altars packed with intensity and decision. I can only imagine how many will speak of this night as "the night I heard God's call to my life."

I felt the impact of your prayers on a regular basis while we were there.

I could tell of amazing "chance" J meetings with people and a sense of God enabling us to be a blessing to others. In fact, at one point I sensed clearly the same mantle and impact on us in that venue that we carry regularly in the Rocky Mountain District. That is the result of the Spirit's breath not ours.

And just think…in this one fellowship, there are over 344,000 acknowledged servants of the Lord, ministering in over 332,000 places of Christian gathering, to over 61,000,000 people all over the world. And this is just one organized group of believers in the world!!

("I will build My Church." Jesus. Hmmm…seems like HE has done it well.)

God's got a vast family!

Won't heaven be amazing?!

Thank you for praying for all of us.

Selah - David

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