Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These days are outstanding.
We are visiting Micah, Sarah and Ella....and having a wonderful time.
Fresh seafood...the Monterey Aquarium...picking strawberries...vast expanses of artichoke fields, In and Out Burger, and such good times sharing. Ella is a bundle of joy and such fun. Micah is on a break from language school. It is a gift to be here. Evenings are cool and even damp.
The vast fields of produce are populated by migrant workers...one wonders what would happen if the much discussed laws become the way we operate.
We will return to home late Thursday.
Meanwhile...these words ring in my ears...
This is my Father's world.
I rest me in the thought.
Of rocks and trees and skies and seas.
His hands the wonders wrought.
Back in touch soon.

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