Thursday, February 17, 2011


to change in form, character, nature or appearance.

Faith is a transformer. Fear withers everything.

Faith takes the very same realities in a situation that fear labels as "impossible" and "awful" and transforms them into "doable" and "adventure."

Fear turns a challenge into "I quit," driving courage and creativity and best effort into defeat...even before the contest is joined. Fear predicts a bad conclusion to it all. Faith leans forward and asks, "What if?"

In an actual contest...weight is critical. Check out wrestling.
In an actual battle...weaponry is often the key. Check out our defense budget.
When the match might be close...experience weighs heavily. Check out boxing.

In this battle...he was outweighed probably 2 to 1. His weaponry was laughable in comparison, home-made and common. He was only a youth against a top of career adult...and his meager experience was in a completely different arena.

But he had faith.

And in the gaze of faith he saw an opponent whose arrogance had led him to defy God Himself. He believed in a God that would more than make up the ground. He saw victory when everyone else saw living in caves, and on the run.

Before the battle was joined it was won.

You know the one I am writing of? David and Goliath. I Samuel 17.

You got faith? As you do, you will live in the vortext of transformation.

Need a faith lift? "Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ." Romans 10:17

Transformation. Yes Lord.

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