Thursday, March 17, 2011

God Wins

I'm out of the office this week....having fun with grandkids, reading and assisting our children as they walk down the path towards foreign missions service.
In the past hours I downloaded Rob Bell's new release: God Wins, and read it with interest. I had seen the promotional lead that was released, and really wanted a first look and an entire read prior to making comment here.
What a great communicator he is. It is artfully put together, daringly fashioned, refreshingly focused on things that really matter to everyone. Lots of people will read this.....and talk about it. The feedback already is abundant and it has only been out two days?!
I plan to read as much of the reviews as I can. This stuff is important.
But, what can I say right now that might be helpful to all of us?
Here is my short list of immediate responses:
1. Caution! Do not lean towards what is natively God winning by seemingly getting everyone into a redeemed state in the end. I like that...and the conversation with my kids heading into missions has already had strong focus. Why should anyone do what they are heading towards, if it is not compellingly necessary?
2. Before you accept everything Bell and editors have so skillfully put together, go back to the passages of scripture that the Spirit prompts in you and read the word again. Remember: the Bible was written and was meant to be grasped by people, not just academics. Read the word and let the Spirit of Truth, inform you and guide you.
And here is the short list of passages that I have felt led to revisit:
a. About the full view of the nature of Jesus - Matthew 23-24.
b. About the kindness of God - Romans 1-3
c. About wrath not really being a central part of God's function - Revelation.
3.Read Rob will equip you in conversations for a long time. BUT read the word, it will inform and balance your grasp of the truth that is.
On the journey, with you....and remember, God really does win!
Revelation 20 and 21

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prayerfriend said...

Dave—Thank you for your excellent insights and questions regarding Rob’s new book, Love Wins. Last night I enjoyed hearing the sermon the book is based on—it contains much for us to pray about and consider. If you’re interested, here are some helpful links: