Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This morning I found myself busying myself with some chores...vacuuming, picking up stuff, cleaning, putting dishes away, etc. Enjoyed the work and thought, if I ever feel to complain against this, may I be reminded that my wife has done yards of this every day, along with lots of other things, to make the home what it is, a place of atttractiveness, nourishment and comfort, a place of safety and hope.

She has found great joy and meaning in serving all of us so practically....and we have been enriched and blessed by this more than we have ever thought or given thanks for.

I remember too that our Lord was most likely very familiar with the household, it was after all so simple, so earthy, so all-done-by-simple-human-effort. Everything took a servant's labor to accomplish. No servants such as Hoover, Presto, Maytag etc. exhisted.

In His ministry He broke bread, cooked fish, and ate in the homes of almost strangers. And in heaven, He is planning this incredible banquet celebration.

He also extolled the attitude of a servant and called for us to love one another in lots more than emotive ways.

So, especially to the guys...serve simply and with care. Do what balances the load of work around you. Do not turn from the mundane or the "lesser" tasks.

Lots of that can be found in housework.



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