Monday, June 27, 2011


I am reading Donald Bloesch's book, THE HOLY SPIRIT (IVP, 2000).

He begins his chapter on Pentecostalism with these intersting quotes:

1. From J.A. Synan, historian and church leader:
"The latter-rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit is God's final great movement of power to provide a strong witness to the church and the world before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ."

2. From Clark Pinnock - contemporary, evangelical theologian:
"Conversion without empowering is not enough - it is sub-normal Christianty. The pentecostals have been right about this - the rest of us had better listen."

3. From John Mackay -
"If it is a choice....between the uncouth life of the Pentecostals and the aesthetic death of the older churches, I for one choose the uncouth life."

I talked with a church leader last night who has in the last few days experienced a mighty empowering presence of the Spirit. It was messy, a bit loud, emotional, and appears about to be leading him into a walk more deeply in the presence of the Lord. A bit uncouth, it is something that has so enlivened him that words flow at great length.

I got hungrier just listening to him.

Are you?

May this be a time in all of our lives of seeking earnestly for His renewing and empowering presence.

Oh God, have mercy on us, and fill us to overflowing with your life.

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Darrin said...

I guess I don't know what McKay's criticism of the older churches is getting at. "Aesthetic death"? Is that dying while surrounded by beauty? Or failure to keep up with the fashion trend of concert-style "worship"? Also, while certainly people have emotional reactions to various events in life, being filled or led by the Spirit cannot equate to an emotional paroxysm. If it does, then a new sacrament has been invented. Normally, I would associate moments of the Spirit with gentleness and tranquility, which is closer to true power than noisy displays. "-isms" frighten me.