Friday, June 10, 2011


Sunday is Pentecost Day....a celebration of the church universal just as is Easter, Christmas etc.
I think about the patience and timing of God in this day.
Jesus had been here incarnated for over 30 years.
He had ministered for over two years.
He had given His life on the cross and then risen from the dead.
He appeared to the disciples in breathtaking and convincing ways for 40 days!
Then, in front of them all he rose straight into heaven.
This is our faith...this is the certainty of what we believe.
Jesus did it was more than enough to solve the sin problem, the separation of God from us problem, the where to spend eternity. essence to provide the ultimate in meaning and potential for anyone.
And yet God waited again...for ten more days.
Until Pentecost
...for on that 50th day after Jesus resurrection, the tenth after His ascension, there was to be a gala time of celebration. He had planned a spectacular inaugural all His own.
He sent the Holy Spirit upon people so powerfully that through them He would change the world.
There would be a wind of great power...flames of fire lighting upon each one....and the introduction of the language of heaven to the people of mission. What an incredible scene. Most of all, power was given to each person to live and speak Jesus everywhere.
The church that was launched goes on to this numbering hundreds of millions.
So, as this weekend is upon us, lets allow our hearts to be filled afresh with Pentecost.


P.S. Canyon Road AG in Ogden is great...staff, leaders, people..the first week has been a winner! Thanks for your prayers!

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