Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Body image

Went for the annual physical checkup this morning.

Oh, I thought I was going to have a small bit of blood drawn for testing, but it proved to be the works. Pushing, feeling, probing, listening, looking, testing, vials of draws and after an hour of this, my great doctor (David Bird) said, "Don't think I'll do more...just one thing to watch and you are doing fine."

So, I walked out of the office, grateful for a body that hopefully will continue to be like the Hondas that I drive.

Oh, there are sags, and strength diminishments, nap hungers, and smaller helpings please. But at 40 pounds off max weight, I actually feel pretty good. Sure: Glasses. Hearing assistance...if I will wear them! Cap to protect from too many rays. Shoe inserts. Daily blood pressure checks and a few pills morning and evening...and thus far we are good to go. Oh, and take that walk often.

Truth is, I am working most on a new model. At the best, this present one will keep needing to be propped up and will finally give up. So, I am working on a new model.

It is one built from the inside out...an inside-to-eternity model. Started with a massive design infusion from God which made me a "temple of the Holy Spirit...a place set aside for reverence indwelt by the Holy Spirit." The makings of a God who made the universe.

It is my desire that I will live in such a way that this temple will simply keep rising up, up, up, until at peak it is touching heaven, the realm of God Himself.

Just like with our physical bodies...exercise, proper nutrition, enough sleep, and avoidance of abuses will do a lot to prolong its life...so with our everlasting bodies, our temples...time with God, being in His word, being infused with His Spirit, and all the great habits of the Kingdom, will prepare us for forever.

You can tell people who have found secrets in this temple construction...lots of horizontal lines in their faces, lots of upturned corners on their mouths, lots of creases in their hands, lots of peace upon their dwelling.

So keep the right body image in mind. May I suggest Mother Teressa?


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Roger and Meg said...

One of my all-time favorite images is that of Enoch, who "walked with God.." He walked with Him to the end of his life, when God said to him simply, "You know, Enoch, we're closer to my house than yours; come on in!" "and he was not, for God took him (home.)" Love it!