Thursday, August 25, 2011


Had to go up a really tall ladder the other day.

Well, it wasn't really that tall...but suddenly as I approached the fourth rung, it seemed to shoot into the air.

Aluminum ladder...a bit rickety...with no supports up high.

Needing to change a battery in a fire alarm station. (Makes me wish hot air fell, so they could put these down by the floorboards.)

After a few attempts at climbing, and feeling like I needed a parachute...Jackie had mercy on me and climbed briskly to where that little screamer could be dealt with.

Principle...for me, the higher up the more I need to hold on to something very stable to feel a post, or tree.

Same thing is true in the cycle of life.

The "higher" you go the more you need stable support...from friends, and the presence of God, a rock.

And God is really great at's always been that way...Psalm 18:31-33.

Keep climbing my friend, but don't loose your balance.

'Cause the "heights" we arrive at can bring us to places of the dizzies.

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