Wednesday, November 23, 2011


JJ, Carson and I took off in the early morning yesterday to go and see the Sequoias at the Sequoia National Park.

The national forest is some three hours away....six-seven hours by the car for a two-hour look.

Totally worth it.

When we were getting near...high in the mountains (14 miles of it under construction!)...the forest became thicker, and the skin of some trees seemed to etch peculiarly, then become reddish. Young Sequoias.

Finally, we began to encounter the big ones...whose massive red trunks immediately took on the resemblance to the legs of a giant family walking among the otherwise smallish trees...I would have called them "big" before this moment.

Photograph the whole tree? Almost impossible. we took to standing at the bases and appearing ant-like by contrast.

At a lodge we examined some displays explaining the stating that they basically cannot by natural means be killed, but live on and on. Even forest fires cannot reach high enough to "get them." Black charred spots on the trunks bespeaking their vain attempts.

Ancient....In proof...a cross cut trunk...with the earlier date in the center...700.

Walking up to one of the big ones, we felt its trunk and was, soft, stringy, a huge blanket swathing a living center.

Ah Sequoias, how much you have to teach us, about patience, and strength, about majestic stillness, and blooming where you are planted - :0

About God, Who must have leaned over in laughter and delight when He made you!

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for Sequoias.

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