Sunday, November 20, 2011


We returned several days ago from the time of ministry in North Dakota. Amazingly 230 people were there and the sessions were marked by the presence of God. We returned to Colorado with grateful hearts. North Dakota, you are special indeed!

Today, at Church at BriarGate, the focus was on WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE GIVE THANKS.

We discovered that thanksgiving:

1. facilitates a conscious entry into the presence of God - see a wild illustration of this in Acts 27:33ff
2. is a faith-stirring way to change the mind focused on the minuses of the moment - see Jesus Matt.26:26-28
3. postures our hearts humbly - Psalm 92:1-4
4. diminishes the continual lust for more - I Timothy 6:8
5. sanctifies your food - I Timothy 4:3b-5
6. enriches our relationship with God...and others

Colossians 2:6, 3:15-17

So as we come to Thanksgiving Day we were challenged to take some moments before the table is loaded with food, to gather together, silence the TV, share around the table what we are thankful for, and then pray expressing our hearts to God for His provision in our lives.

It takes leadership to see this happen.....why don't you be the one to make this year special?

May the gathering you are involved in this Thanksgiving be marked by the presence of God.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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