Thursday, September 13, 2012


We flew one week ago to the great NorthWest...Seattle, in specific.

 My sister Judy and her husband Peter met us at the airport and we began a most delightful week with them, returning late last night to Colorado Springs.

We drove south by Tacoma and then headed north up the peninsula, overnighting in Sequim.

Multiple ferry rides, boat rides and trips along forrest roads.  Fish and chips, blueberries and blackberries...and a rather indulgent amount of ice cream marked the fine food we ate.  Walks along beaches, and among the immense firs of Cathedral Grove and many docks in awe of the boats moored there. Seals, gulls, jays and jelly fish.  And fun exploring the many faces of Powell River - north up the coast from Vancouver - and the place of Peter and Judy's residence.

And Mts. Ranier, Baker and more were at their snowy best.

What a wonderful week! We have been greatly blessed!

Peter and Judy....among the finest hosts we know.

Tender, long hugs as we said farewell.

Thoughts already of how we could do this again. of God's most gracious gifts.

"Offer hospitality to one another....(it is) grace in one of its various forms."  I Peter 4:9-10

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