Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"If.." and the turmoil around us

Just read another piece on the web....citing facts and numbers to show that Michelle Obama was greatly misleading in her speech last night.  Portraying themselves as living near the edge, while all the time having great finances, privilege and in recent years, huge political incomes and benefits.

Not sure I have ever sensed the political scene to be so full of unfounded, undefended, polarizing and defaming material.  Both sides.

And the moral/religious issues are huge....Islam, the debt, same sex "marriage," Israel, big government, Obamacare, Mormonism....and more.  Not sure I have ever seen this much on the table at once.

Where is the voice that with God's endorsement, calls a nation to God?  Where is a Billy Graham?

Where is the unified action that galvanizes the church to respond spiritually?

Where is the leadership that rises up and says, "no" to the moral decay all around us?

And at times I that what the hurricanes, and fires, and weather change is all about?

Am I just a bit too Old Testament?  or old time?  or inflexible?" least this is all getting to me.

 Last night I wrote down this short list of what I (as I am) can do....

  1. Pray -  the "if" in the blog title today is from II Chron 7:14 - and it is just as true right now as it ever has been....and perhaps more needed now than ever in time.
    Are there watches being called for....seasons of fasting, repenting, and prayer?
    Is it not true that what we need is God.....not Obama or Romney or anyone else?
  Pray for voices of justice and truth to rise.  Pray for righteousness to exalt this nation. Pray for those in high places who fear God, to be equipped and empowered to be like a Daniel.
  Pray for pastors and those who lead fellowships to be given wisdom and courage to act.

 2. Vote - and urge others to do so.  Never been more critical in my sense than right now.

 3. Do what the Spirit gives you to do...through alerts, things you see and hear, that call you to some form of action - like I have, as stated at the start of this blog.

 4. Do not be afraid to stand for truth....and do so in love.  Truth as defined by scripture. "Your word is truth." Speak the truth, and be led by the Spirit to discern what isn't so.

This is truly a critical hour.

Only by responding to the
 "if My people humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked way"
....can we hope to bring forth the "then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land."

God, send your Spirit in power upon us all.

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Assault On Ambivalence--Marcus Robinson said...

Dave, I feel your call to prayer and Spirit-led action are the thing. Listened this week to the story of E.M. Bounds (short biography by Lyle Dorsett). Bounds was a holiness pastor who began ministry as a Confederate chaplain while his own brothers served in the Union army. It was a great reminder that God has worked in our history through men of prayer and holiness and wise service. I guess it's our turn.