Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogdate: Monday, July 28, 2008


Ever think about how God does stuff?

I do and am fascinated very frequently by nature discoveries that reveal his process and power flow. I am always looking at the rocks and birds and clouds.

Sure, we all are so familiar with His greatness in the original creation that we sometimes limit Him to the quick stuff - the explosive and miraculous in the moment. Like in the seven days of creation, or in the instant healing, or the resurrection of our Lord. It is true some of the biggest stuff seems to happen quickly. Especially with God.

But what I am thinking today is about all the big stuff that happens so slowly...even with God.

It is one of those clear blue sky days today and the sun is unhindered in its life-giving work. It will not blast the earth with a moment of intense heat, but will radiate heat all day long...that will produce the change and life-giving qualities of light on the earth. Oh, and the plants, they will take on the light and transform it and at the end of the day have grown.....very slightly, but adequately with the whole season of life in view.

God has arranged that most often it takes time for us to do the really great stuff.

The great stuff happens normally through a very slow process.

Artists don't throw paint at the canvas...they sketch, and dab, and look and add. Sculptors chip away at the granite. Architects muse and redo and imagine and redo.

Ever preach a sermon that changed the church on the spot? Mmmm - I've gotten rave reviews for some things I've preached, but I've learned that preaching, pastoring, changing the habits and lives of people is a God thing, and even then it normally happens quite slowly.

So today, take heart in the often slow processes of God with His world. might search your TO DO list not for the thing that will "make the biggest impact quickly," but the things that are "most in the flow of the way God does things." Things that will send rays of light and dobs of color into people's lives.

Do not be weary in doing well....for in due season you will reap a harvest. (Galatians 6:9)

Sounds like a word of hope for our lives.....for today.

Let's keep going - together.



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Mary Magdalene Ministries said...

I am astounded at how I begin reading this and 1) can picture you preaching up at the pulpit all those Sundays I sat in the audience and listened and it is a nice memory that just plain makes me happy and 2) I can so relate to it and it makes me feel all of a sudden that I am not alone in my feelings of impatience in perseverance but yet hopeful in my waiting. Thank you Pastor Dave!
Angela with Mary Magdalene Ministries, Inc.