Thursday, July 3, 2008



If we all had a dollar for every time we've said this - we'd be sittin pretty for quite a long time. often just a way of not being rude....right? Or covering up the fact that that name has eluded us again. Or appearing to be friendly, even if we are on the run.

Well, in this blog I am hoping for a whole lot more - of meaning that is. :)
Like - a quick and easy way to do a Q & A.
Like - a creative way to express opinions in an informal and easy setting.
Like - a way to let others in on something neat in our lives that we sense God was in.
Like - passing on valuable info and connect points to others
Like - speeding the process and enriching it to staying in touch more regularly.

My focus will primarily be about church and personal development and stuff especially for men.

I plan to enter something enriching each week - my target day is Monday - aeap (as early as possible). Tune in by ten and we'll probably be talking (tibtawpbt). Nothing by 11?...on Wednesday?...pray! :)

Looking forward to joining up right here.

Living Life .. together -


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christian said...

What a great idea. I happened upon this blog while perusing the district website. Are you planning to advertise this blog via email or in the newsletter? I would love to see many entries covering a variety of topics.
May God bless this effort!