Monday, July 14, 2008


Every morning we get up and do a batch of stuff to our faces....
trimming & plucking,
dabbing & coloring,
brushing & flossing,
combing & spraying,
blowing, swabing
cleaning, shaving,
and most of all

In fact, if for some reason the day is already a total panic, that whole long list for me becomes just wash and brush.

There is always time for that.

Wash - because oils from within and dirt from without have come to lodge on my facial surface.

Perhaps none would notice...but I do.

I can feel it.

The grunge is upon me.

Need I go on?

1. Do you feel it when your soul has the grunge?
2. Do you wash it then?
3. Did you know that Ephesians 5:26 indicates that the word provides a washing when applied.

Ah, may we have the wisdom to "wash" our insides daily.

On days when some things "just all can't get done." May we wash - outside and in.

Washing - it's on my short list for every day.

You too?


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