Monday, July 6, 2009


Springfield (Colorado)


We went to Springfield this weekend.

Left on Saturday and went lots of the way – leaving the last hour of travel for Sunday morning.

What wide open spaces!

Ripened wheat flowing in the breeze across flattened fields…..right to the horizon.

An occasional house, and barn….all like postcards.

Produce stands by the side of the road….mellons, cukes, onions, beets and more.

Then we came to Springfield.

1300 people there?…it has dropped hundreds in the last few years.

Clean. Wide-streets. Unique businesses on Main.

And the church…1st Assembly.

Warm welcomes.

Smiles that last.

"4 babies coming in September!!

Songs sung earnestly and at length. Guitars, keyboard, voices.

Announcements given rancher style.

Prayer for rain….and Pastor Paul off in Austria with a missions team.

As the word was shared about Jesus, there was a sense of the presence of the Lord among us.

Misty eyes and soft amens.

Lingering after to talk and share life, and laugh.

Ah, and Mexican food in the only restaurant open.

We drove back north, filled up with the sense that this church is doing well – another way the Lord is fulfilling His promise to build His Church. It's happening in Springfield.

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