Monday, September 28, 2009

Dangerous Men Sighted

Dateline: Monday, September 28, 2009

Brush, Colorado

Yesterday I heard a lot about some very dangerous men.

Story all started some months ago, when on a Saturday morning they met quietly in the church basement for breakfast, giving every appearance of being godly and fair-minded....and then suddenly, after eating....they simply tore the kitchen of the church completely apart.....nothing was spared, not the cupboards, not the appliances....everything went under their blows and prying.

The next month they did it again...but this time it was the carpet in the church....they tore it out completely. Gone...not a trace left.

Dangerous men indeed.

Thankfully though, their actions did not signal destruction, but the outset of a months-long process of refurbishing the kitchen, and indeed, the entire church in Brush, Colorado.

And some of the MAPS people showed up on four different occasions to "attack" other parts of the building, especially the outside.

You should see it all now....fresh tile on the floor, the smell of new carpet in the air, paint in soft tones on so many walls, some old walls removed for a bigger look, and a fresh outside touch as well.

Calvary Assembly, Brush, Colorado.

We were there yesterday in a service given over entirely to celebration. (I spoke from Ezra 3)

One of the "dangerous" men was presented with the "golden knee pads award" - you should have seen it! Another worker received a "golden paintbrush" - for you-can-guess-what.

Over $20,000 was given and hundreds of hours were volunteered.

And the impact of it all is being felt already - in the love and unity in the church, the faith that is palatable and the people crowding the facility - more during the week than on the weekend!!

Way-to-go Pastors Don and Wendy Lott....and the great family of God that have worked with you.

Brush, Colorado
...home to some very dangerous men.



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