Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The 7

November 4, 2009


About 30 years ago, The Seven gathered on the hills of Texas to meet in a comfortable setting and do some very important team-work. Our assignment was to draft an enduring core philosophy of Chi Alpha, the international campus ministries arm of the Assemblies of God.

The Seven:
Dave Gable - remarkably engaging, disarming, and on point - national leader, prophetic
Brady Bobbink - discipler par excellence, and clear thinker, and fun, and abandoned to Christ
Jim Hall -passionate for evangelism and with much intense commitment
Dennis Gaylor - a make it happen guy, with energy and joy and can-do to share with all
Harvey Herman - a straight-ahead campus lifer, with depth of process and total commitment
Hershel Rosser - a wise, loving, committed, humble man
and....Dave Argue - (I won't try the descriptives)

And we took some pics....all smiles, and bearded, and 70's clothed. :)

And we worked really hard....over phrases and philosophical fits and big principles...and went back and forth until we couldn't do it any more. Teamwork. No-egomaniacs. All we wanted was Jesus on campus. And in a few days we were all somewhere between exhausted and satisfied.

And between the seams, it was fabulous food, and play in the Guadalupe River, and stories that had us all in fits of laughter. (Shoot Blue!! :)

And a few days ago we met again as a group in LaJolla, California, to remember, and see what would happen. Lots of the hair is white, and lots of it is gone, and we're moving a bit more carefully and there are war stories that bring tears to the eyes.

And the work of the 7 fact it is an anchor in the training materials to this day.

And along with that....the fierce hugs and laughter, and deep affection and open-heartedness remains as well. It seemed to all that getting back to the way it was 30 years ago, was almost effortless. It really is an eternal Kingdom.

And I think it has helped me believe even more, that when the relational stuff leads the way, the work will remain. When there is truth at the core and passion on the edge...the product will be good and endure. When there is God...whatever is done lasts.

And heaven looks even more wonderful.

And I pray for you, my friend, that you may have a "7" time in your life. Where a foretaste of heaven will break forth and you will feel so at a part of something that lasts.

And maybe just reading this is the Spirit's way of moving you towards a hunger....and times of living that will surround you with God's love.

Just think....the best is yet to come.



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