Monday, November 9, 2009


November 9, 2009


I pushed my chair back from the desk and began to pray fervently.
I had just received word that Fort Hood was the site of violent activity
and now was on complete lockdown.

Where were our kids?

The lockdown was to last for 6+ hours,
and after it, 13 were dead and c40 were injured.

Micah heard the sounds of gunfire, but was in a building about one mile away.

And now our prayers shifted from the issue of their survival,
to "God do not waste this moment in their lives."
Jackie was especially focused in this way.

In the hours that followed here is what happened:

was asked to deliver possessions of a fallen soldier to his mother who had been flown in because of what had happened. It was a very sober assignment
and he would have Ella with him as well.
Would this even work?
When he came to the room where the mother was, he did so with, Ella in arm.
The mother came to the door and he expressed his deep sympathy and that of his fellow servicemen
....and the mother began to weep.
With that, Ella (aged 2) held out her arms to the mother
and in a moment she was being held by the grieving mother and providing comfort to her.

was asked to provide some keyboard and vocal leadership at a Fort Hood vigil Friday evening. She did so, and her ministry to several hundred mourners, was wonderful.
The head chaplain of the Army gave her a special gift honoring her for her for her service.

3. They both ended up in the media coverage of the events at Fort Hood.

4. And since, there have been further signs of God at work in them.

And I think back to the times of decision about enlistment the times of stress and danger in Afghanistan
....and to the patience required now relative to current placement and progress.

And then this happens
and we realize that God's placement process is so much more complete than ours
....His ways are higher.

If we will stay the course,
with open hearts to listen and obey,
He will extend His Presence and Life through us.

And only heaven itself will reveal the infinite impact of it all.

His placement is perfect.

So, today,
may you and I bloom where He has planted us.




Debbie said...

Thank you for letting us see a glimpse of what God is doing in the midst of this tragedy.

shirlene said...

Thanks Dave for continuing to write your blog. I am always encouraged by them.

marknjenny said...

Thank you for sharing. I am wiser after reading that.... from learning how you guys prayed through this....what wisdom!

Also was so good to read your article in Evangel.