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November 29, 2009


Yesterday, Bob Moore (Restoration Church) spoke on the subject, "The Pathway of Brokeness." It was on target and very challenging.
The response was strong.

He said the pathway of brokeness involves these stages:
1. We start in carnal competence
2. Calamity comes on
3. We enter into a time of conflict - and wrestle
4. Character is developed in us

As he ministered, I got caught up in the main text of reference - Jacob's story of wrestling and encountering God - especially Genesis 32:22-31. (Bob's Point 3)

And I began to scribble down some fresh thoughts about this wrestling match.

1. God arranged the match, the place and the time.

2. God brought a "foe" to Jacob - and this "foe" was one who could have crushed him in one blow.

3. God limited the "foe" so he could not do the crushing...but let him wrestle titanicly.

4. God let the fight go on for a very long time - all night - the longest match ever?

5. The match never had a formal end, nor a winner declared.

6. The fight changed Jacob forever..... a/ The "foe," finally convinced he could not win, "touched Jacob" and Jacob's hip was forever out of place..he would "limp" for the rest of his life....the sign to everyone, all the time of the big story in this man's life - ("here's the man who struggled with God and prevailed" "he's limping here, but not up there")
b/ God changed Jacob's name - it was kind of like the
fight had birthed him again:
Jacob (the conniver) became Israel (he struggles with God) my free sense: (he went from "he get's his way by pushing and pulling"
- to "he labors before God and God does incredible stuff through him")

And everthing in the Bible....flows from there.

And so I ask myself today:

>Am I earnest enough for more of God to just keep wrestling on an on?
>>Will I tap out and quit fighting and walk a distance from the life of His blessing?
>>>Am I so hungry for Him...that I will "limp" for the rest of my life, if that is what it takes?
>>>>Do I want His name for me (Christ-follower)
...or my name for self (successful, well-regarded)?

The buzzer is sounding....
will you leave your corner?
Will I leave mine?


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