Friday, January 22, 2010


Friday, January 22, 2010



Well, the office closes at 11:30, but Jackie and I leave for three days speaking in Montana soon, so I have just two days (next Thursday and Friday) left in the office.

So I just loaded up little red (my 5 speed 2001 Civic) with boxes - removing about half of what I need to remove by next week.

This morning my secretary did a stupendous thing for me, producing a calling card that I can use in the says:

Pastor, coach, consultant, communicator.
3989 Pronghorn Meadows Circle, Colorado Spring Co 80922
H.719-573-5183 C.719-339-7746
and my blog address:

Ah....there you have it. And do stay in touch.

The Blog will continue.

And the process of defining the future vocationally goes on.
Adjunct pastor to some churches? possibly.
Coach? Yes those wanting to be coached are emerging.
Communicator? Yes. Requests to "come" are on the calendar.
Writer? Yes...clearance for another Evangel article came this week. And I will begin writing a book very soon.
Blogger? Always.
Interim pastor? Yes.
Consultant for churches wanting to figure out where they are and how to move forward? Yes.
Servant to the church and its people in any way possible? Yes.

We appreciate your ideas, insights, prayers and words of encouragement.

Thanks for being our friends.

David and Jackie

Well, I will take more boxes and stuff out now and make sure the lights are out.

The office is dark...but I am not alone.

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