Thursday, January 28, 2010

Montana and the future

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Montana and the future

We got back from Montana last night.

Three sessions...wonderful people...great attendance.

We did a session on how pastors can manage truth...and the Sup followed up with a small group session in which we considered what I had just said and how the 16 Fundamentals of our movement line up with that.

Another session involved how pastors can pastor in the midst of the presence of God as the people are gathered in worship. We taught first and then did a lab....for a pretty long time with a wonderful sense of Presence, good participation...and lots of lingering into the night. Finally, Jackie and I closed with a session that included lots of our typical banter about our journey and some important life lessons for ministry. It was a wonderful affirming and with such a deep sense that it was making a lasting impact on the great team of pastors and partners that had gathered. PTL!

Thanks for your prayers.

And now we are in a final days scramble to close shop at rmdc and open it in our home.

Please see the last blog for up-to-date contact info. And note that the e-mail address has changed to If for some reason you can't connect, just call us and we'll tell you how to jump on board our fast-moving sleigh.

We love you!

"ALL things do work together for good,
for those who love God and are called according to His purpose."
The "called" and "love" are our part.
The "purpose" and "work" are His part.
And the good night's rest comes with reminding yourself of the meaning of "all."

God IS with you...

Us too.



Cheri' said...

I think your picture looks great Dave! I read your blog often and appreciate your heart, your wisdom and the depth of your walk with God! So glad you're keeping it going during this transition time! We have prayed for you guys as you seek and find the will of God for your future.

Spirit Life said...

Thanks Cheri,
Great to be in touch...thanks for your prayers.
Romans 8:28 :)