Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Yes that's it.

My head is aswim with the writing project. What a challenging yet wonderful thing this is proving to be.

Four chapters down....and 10 appendices...and a solid outline has me moving a bit quicker than I had thought possible.

SPIRIT LIFE - is the probable name...the things I have learned in so many years of ministry relative to the working of the Holy Spirit will be included...with a special focus on a collegiate reading audience.

Wrote a chapter yesterday called ADVANTAGE NOW. Summarizing the words of Jesus in the later part of John (chapter 16 and following) where He said He was about to leave them (oh no!!) and it was to their advantage that He do so. Really?

How so??...

Well here are a few of the things I mined from the passage:

1. Now the powerful presence of God can be everywhere and not just geographically located.

2. Now "greater things" can the church becoming a change-the-world enterprize.

3. Now the gifts and ministries of the Spirit can spread out to all who would receive and follow His leading.

4. Now the final operation of Jesus in heaven can proceed so that when He knows it is time, it will be and He will return.

5. And one advantage I think of a living for Jesus is everywhere, all the time a grand adventure. Now an invisible Being, with unlimited power, benevolent purpose, and limitless grace to bestow on people says to you and I:
"As you go, listen to Me, do what I prompt, and watch what I will do!"

Ah yes....lots of advantages

"Power" up and let's go!


Living the adventure with Him and you!


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