Wednesday, February 10, 2010


February 10, 2010 (just had to write a blog on this day)


"Considering his other activities, his output during those remaining 4 war years was astonishing. Six books, letters on important subjects (published), scholarly papers, as well as letters to many individuals. Additionally he wrote and preached a few magnificent sermons.

He played his part, in household duties, and entertaining evacuated children, and he spent many hours trying to teach a mentally retarded boy to read and write. He was also working full-time as a tutor and lecturer (at Oxford)."

His books?...published into the millions and still hot sellers all over the world 60 years later.

His name?...Jack.

That was actually his nickname.

We know him as C.S. Lewis.

He kept a focus, not that limited him, but that balanced him, and maintained a steady aim on what really mattered.

And, in my opinion, all of the above listed mattered.

His influence goes on as I write this....because he kept the focus.

May our focus be clear in these days!



*Information from the book JACK by George Sayer.

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