Friday, May 21, 2010


Friday, May 21, 2010


Reading Matthew this morning and finding some interesting fresh insights about Jesus.

I will list the location so you can read the passage and see what you think.

1. We tend to call the righteous to follow, get saved and join us. Jesus called the sinners to follow...and hung out with them copiously. Hmm.. (Matthew 9:9-13)

2. Jesus way of healing was a bit different than ours. In Matthew 9:18-26 he gets petitioned publicly to "come" and as he does, gets interrupted by a long-term unclean sufferer. The need is coming after him from every side as he is going along through life. Both women in this case - way to break social barriers down. Hmm..

3. Soft clothing, the preference of prophets currently. The mark of prophets then, rough clothing. Hm. Matthew 11:7-9.

4. Jesus let his "deeds" overcome an obvious challenge he faced coming from his living on the edge. Matthew 11:18-19 Lots to think about here..about both our edges and our deeds.

5. Jesus was a tonic to be with...gentle, restful, lowly...and at the same time fully committed to the purposes of the Father, truth, confrontation of evil. Wow, what balance. Matthew 11:28-30. For a passage in which he uses extremely strong language see Matthew 12:33-37.

6. Matthew 12:1-9 - Jesus was extremely well-versed in scripture - and expected that from those who would follow him closely. This had to mean a great deal of scripture committed to memory and easily brought to mind. (No Study Bibles then...Hmm)

How is our followership going today?

Hmm ing with you.


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