Thursday, October 28, 2010

The fit

I suppose you are beginning to read with a few, does this mean that someone in his circle got really mad lately?, or does it indicate that the exercise program finally took hold?..and some pride is beginning to surface?

Nope...the title has to do with an experience I had yesterday.

In the morning we (Jackie and I) went to Waterford School in Salt Lake City...that is where two of our grandchildren (Rachel and Evan) are enrolled and our oldest daughter (Cami) teaches. It is a sprawling one-level campus that spreads across acres in east Salt Lake. Its very appearance says, "we care". And they do - seemingly about every student that goes through those doors.

Dress codes for the students...attractive sweaters and dresses. A buzz of focused activity. Teachers greeting one another warmly. Palpable joy and excitement.

Very little corraling of anyone...lots of purposeful, understood direction. Children arriving in classes and opening books immediately and beginning work rather excitedly. Talking with each other with maturity and interest. No acting out.

"The fit" came into view when we got to sit in the second grade math class - Cami's home room. Their love for her and hers for them...the thoroughness and creativity of their approach to learning...their readiness to interact, question and challenge, made the time fly by. Learning. Laughter. Love.

I sat there and backed up into a world of larger proportions, seeing a daughter who is now a leader, a teacher who is now inspiring another generation, and one who is so at ease doing so excellently in her calling. She fits. This is what she was made for. I could see shimmers of her birth mom shining through and thought how wonderful it is--this generational thing. Wet eyes. Expanding chest. Grateful heart.

May we each shine in the place that we fit...and may we work with excellence, investing well in the generations to come.

With a grateful heart...for the fit.


Assault On Ambivalence--Marcus Robinson said...

Wow Dave. What gracious perspective. Sounds like, "rejoicing with those who rejoice." No envy, no striving, no criticism. Being lifted by the good God is working in your daughter. Great reminder for me today.

Spirit Life said...

Thanks got it right!

Galen said...

It's great when you see a reflection of the inner reconciliation take shape in the outer environment. As a member of Adam’s “outcast” race, we find we can be “fitted” back into God’s plan through Jesus Christ. Sometimes we are blessed to see the echo radiate outwards into our social and vocational circumstances.