Sunday, October 31, 2010

Preslie Shay

We got up very early and drove all day. Jackie and I, putting a two-day "travel to" into one day "coming back." And the trip went quickly...our hearts focused on what would happen when we got "there."

What would happen had actually happened big time, the night before...Friday, about 6:30 Texas time, just before going into the Teen Challenge service. She was born and we were greeted via cell phone in the cooling evening air with the wondrous cry of a newborn. Greeting the world after a rapid entry into it, Preslie Shay was saying hello to us from the delivery room.

And so we traveled fast. And by early evening, we were advancing to the door, and peering in, saw her sound asleep, swaddled in pink, angelic in sweetness. I got to hold her for many moments and as she slept Jackie and I examined her closely. Ears, eyes, hair (rumpled still)...ah the smell... "Johnson and Johnson?", I asked, as I nuzzled her neck.

"No", I was told, "that is just the smell of a newborn." Amazing.

Occasionally she would move her eyes behind those tight lids, as though she was dreaming something special...and ever so rarely she would peer out to see who was holding her now. At an awkward movement, she seemed to flinch and show concern, but at the sound of her mother's voice, she was immediately calm again.

Long fingers, tiny feet, dainty nose, perfect lips, chubby cheeks. are a beauty. One of God's finest.

Welcome to the world. May you make a great difference in it.

I love you.


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Lelia Chealey said...

I read this the other night on my phone and for some reason it wouldn't let me leave my comment, but it is a beautiful introduction to your Preslie! I loved reading this and congratulations to you, Jackie and family!