Friday, December 24, 2010

"And all through the house..." some updates on family

It's the day before Christmas and an ideal time to give you updates on our family. It is a great way to do it...quick and easy, catches those with interest, can be interactive, and is really efficient.

It has been a most unusual year...especially with the change of jobs that left us searching and trusting, flexible, and more focused on family and personal life issues than we had been able to be. It has been a strong, joyful year, not an anxious one.

With the closing of my department, I moved my office to the home and began more focus on writing. The book SPIRIT LIFE was published this year, and hundreds of copies were sold at Chi Alpha's national leadership conference in Phoenix. I moved more strongly on writing this blog and now have done so over 250 times with a total of over 11,000 hits. It has been a great encouragement to me to be able to feel I am contributing to the lives of interested people like you. Thank you!!!

Interim pastoring (6 months) and coaching church planting pastors has also been an avenue of meaning and blessing.

Jackie and I have ministered together at marriage conferences, and church gatherings. We have been spending more time together than we ever have before...and with great joy and profit. I can't say enough how I love and appreciate this special best friend.

I think I have learned a lot more about family this year. The loss of baby Grace Abigail (Micah and Sarah's second child), the coming of Preslie (Jess and JJ's second child), and the soon arrival of Kendall (Brad and Amy's fifth) along with much more time to gather, has really made this an incredibly focused and strengthening family year.

Speaking of family....
*Cami and Paul, Rachel and Evan are in Salt Lake City...core team of a thriving church and impacting people's lives greatly. Visits with them...a short Frontier hop to SLC...have been wonderful.
*Brad and Amy, Michela, Susanna, Bennett, Jamin (and Kendall) live just 20 minutes we get to see them for food, football, sports, recitals, and more. Fun indeed! Did I mention Wi?
*Shayla (living in Minneapolis) came our way for a great visit this year. A Masters graduate, and focused on active pursuits, she is a great lady with a strong future.
*Micah and Sarah, Ella and Baby #3 are in Monterey, California...where Micah (Army) is in language training for Farsi. We marvel at his ability to read and speak the language in such a short time.
*Jess, JJ, Carson, close, and we see them often. Preslie is a doll..and I get Grampy time with her often. Jess is an RN now...and JJ an administrative pastor..busy lives.

We give God thanks for His grace to us this year. And we pray His love will surround you in this season.

Thanks for being our friends.

We love you.

Merry Christmas!

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