Thursday, December 2, 2010


Seems to me that in our exchanges with one another, being able to say "I'm really busy" is more important than describing what you are even doing. Being "busy" is a sign of success, importance, demand. Ever had a conversation with someone who said - "I really am not doing much of anything lately?" Not me. Got to be "busy"...even if that busy is seeming non-essential stuff.

So, we just finished a rather endless series of commitments and projects and now the calendar is rather empty...December and January, not the season for traveling and guest appearances...and who knows what comes after that? So, I am going through a process of assessing this all and reaching out for a better sense of my own self worth.

Here's where I am landing so far.

1. If I am committed from the inside to a journey of ministry and involvement with God and others, then I am in gear. Paul knew what it was to sit for months waiting for a boat, waiting for others to arrive, waiting for the courts to act. Waiting. I wonder if the "those who wait on the Lord" verse doesn't apply a bit more to this demension than just purely praying? Paul, was just as integrated into ministry at those moments as when he was teaching, writing, or discipling. In fact it was the "out of touch" times that led to the stuff we are still getting in touch with today...all those New Testament letters.

2. If I am taking care of the essentials of life: home, family, physical person, then I am integrated into ministry. Jesus is our model here, who lived a very hidden, and quiet life for about 90% of it. This morning I learned to set aside what I had planned to do to do something to serve someone else, and I recon that service is precious to the Lord as well...and will actually go on in its impact for a generation. Really.

3. I have been impressed that as I am giving energy to grow spiritually, to read and soak in the word, to pray, to meditate, to listen, to grow inside, I am preparing for the future, and that is a grand prospect indeed, oh not just whatever God might give us to do next in some church setting, but to "rule and reign with Him" in heaven forever.

4. The little things, done in His name, produce the crop, the abundance, the rich reward at His hand. Seems like a lot of the big stuff just might have gotten it's reward down here.

So I am pretty busy really, but in a new and deeper way.

Journeying with you....

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