Thursday, December 30, 2010

Humility 2

Had lunch with my son Brad, yesterday. We talked about the last blog's focus - humility - and he shared with me a story about a man he knows in North Carolina.

Steve was for all appearances, Mr. Average - intelligence? average. Appearance? Average. Training? Average. He was in fact, trained as a computer engineer at a no-name school. He finally graduated, and landed a job at Hewlitt Packard.
Before he began, he had a very strong sense that the Lord was telling him this: "Do not seek your own advancement. Put others before yourself and help them succeed. Give others credit for success. Walk in humility."

He did that and rose higher and higher within the company until he was in a very prominent position.

And then it came time for him to step away.

A final interview with his chief was arranged. When they met, the boss said: "Before you leave us, I have a few projects that need attention. Could you pick one and give it focus before you are gone?"

Steve's response: "Yes, I will do anything that I can to help, but will you pick the project most needful?

His chief's response: "Well, I want you to know that whatever you might choose,I am comfortable with you working on anything. You see, I have watched you all along and I have learned that anything you touch here turns to gold."

Two roads: one of me,myself and I, and the other of h-you-mility.

And a reminder from scripture:"God goes against the willful proud; God gives grace to the willing humble." James 4:7 really is a great key to success and partnership with God.


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PFirnhaber said...

Hey Pastor Dave--
Your postings on humility are powerful, uplifting, and, well, humbling. I loved this story about the engineer in North Carolina. Want to keep that one bouncing around in my head for a long time.
BTW--I still think about that series of teachings you did years ago at CP called: "Entertain Me"
Blessings to you,