Sunday, November 13, 2011


It was one of those weeks.

The moral debacle at Penn State was in most minds. Anguish for the victims, and outrage at the perpetrators.

Protests in the streets and an overturned van. A team to play in home stadium without JoePa for the first time in decades. A stadium packed with over 100,000 people. Extra security measures being taken. Players giving everything or being dispirited? Speculation was running high as the stadium began to fill and the commentators made their best guesses. Two ranked teams - Penn State and Nebraska - to do "battle" on a playing field before the world.

And before the play would begin, players from both teams began to assemble midfield, and drop to their knees, until there were hundreds on the field with heads bowed. Ron Brown, Nebraska receivers' coach and giant of faith and christian walk, had been asked to pray and he did so out loud....and for a number of minutes. Occasionally words could be heard of his prayer for the victims, and for God's justice and for His presence on the field of play.

And the two head coaches knelt side by side.

The crowd became hushed as the earnest prayers of players and coaches were lifted to God. At the end there was a growing rumble of applause from the crowd. Slaps and hugs of regard among the players. Misty eyes and great good will. Relief.

And the game began.

The outcome....a great game, played with character in a very challenging situation.

A powerful step towards healing.

A witness to the playing field that changes everything.


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k.t. said...

Thanks so much for writing this. I was unaware of this remarkable spontaneous prayer happening. Very heartening for the times we live in seem to be so dark and yes, evil. God is the One to turn to before, during and after the crisis.