Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silent night

Ever strike you odd....that in a season with such great songs of meditative quietness, the pace of our culture can almost go off the charts??

"Silent night, holy night, all is calm"
....are you kidding?!

Perhaps the words should be edited to read...

"Bargain Friday night...all is cued, faces tight."

At Thanksgiving a few days ago, it felt like there were so many "critical games to watch", that frankly, our family gave up on almost all of them - watching only the sacred NU victory. :)

Bought some stuff the other day....50% off, with 20% more off added and 10% more if you use our card....long lines cued to get such deals that almost involve them paying us to come. :)

So, let me not encumber you with a long treatise
....but offer to all of us some brief maxims about all of this.

Not time to be bah, humbug.

My 2011 maxims:
1. Too many good things can reduce greatly your ability to do anything well.
2. Too much haste really does make for a lot of waste.
3. Too much energy spent in trivia, can tend to make all of life appear trivial.
4. Too many relationships on the surface, can lead to no relationships deep and long-lasting.
5. Too many sound bites can knock the stuffings out of long careful meditation.
6. Too much feeding of emotion and fun can reduce the care of body and soul.

So, in this season, I wish for all of us
1. A bunch of "no's" said to stuff that is trivial.
2. A few truly silent nights.
3. Relationships that endure and good deeply to the soul.
4. A bit simpler, some slower and truly happy season.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!


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thebrassman said...

Thanks for that, Dave. Great words to keep me grounded and focused. Bless you.

Kevin Brown