Friday, August 31, 2012


Here we are in a cabin in the mountains...about two hours into the rockies from the Springs.

These few days, a gift of some dear friends who must go and stay in our cabin.

What a wonderful thing these several days have been.


* quiet you can hear your ears hearing and the wing action of small birds flying by.  It lets me know how noisy our regular world is.  "Be still" is a rather timely call and offers wonder to the racing heart.

* So still...that you tiptoe on the deck so as to not disturb, and hold your sniffles for indoors.

*This morning I stood on the deck and watched for birds....and there are a lot of them.

*One, a junko, caught my eye as he landed vertically on a long grass stem.  His weight was just enough to send the seed bearing top of the long stem gently to the ground and that seed became his breakfast. Whole grain cereal.

* Out of the quiet I heard an irregular falling of something to the ground....morning dew in large drops?  some loose foliage?  Nope....VERY high in the tree a squirrel grooming the tree, and probably getting rewarded with food to store for the winter.  His sudden movement from branch to branch and upside down antics challenge olympic class gymnastics.

So "sing to God a brand new song.  He's made a world of wonders."  Psalm 98:1 - The Message

In these days of political and social turmoil, may you and I stay close from the inside out,  to a God who is in control.  May our lives be filled with is all around us.


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