Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A picture of a man doing a gut-straight, elbow prop body stand was featured on the promo brochures for Honorbound Men's Conference 09. "Strong" was our theme.

What a time we had...with each session tying into the theme in high impact ways.

Among the things I will carry with me always:
* Jeff Lucas studies on Elijah...notes about kindness, not quitting, "I'm Jeff. And I'm 53...and"
* The fabulous weather all weekend.
* Responses strong to every teaching session with people breaking through into a new place in God each time.
* The testimony of the group who brought 15 men...and three made a commitment to trust Christ on Saturday night!
* Don's teaching about receiving Christ....and then receiving the Spirit.
* Awards for the strong arm contest.
* Glenn Jones and the band...wow, they did it again.
* The huge turnout on Sunday morning!
* The many pastors and presbyters present with their men.
* The Saturday night altar time.
* The offering of over $1700.
* Almost all the HB shirts sold...gone.
* The accapella singing on Sunday morning.
* Hugs and eyes shining with the presence of God.
* The$600+ dollars for Teen Challenge raised in the golf tournament.

What a great weekend it was!

Someone (who has been to all the HB retreats) called this one "the best ever."

We returned to the city full of joy and gratitude in our hearts to God.

Every perfect gift is from His hand.

Thanks to those who prayed strongly for this event - reports of men awakend during the night, pacing the floors, down on their faces in prayer.

Now...let's keep the fire alive.

Be strong in the Lord...today, and tomorrow...and.... daily.



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