Friday, May 1, 2009

The Pills

I take two pills a day to moderate blood pressure and the other to pump in some vitamins.


I have a great ability to get involved in so many things that "pills" fades on the list of things to be done.

And given that they sit in little containers in an out-of-the-way place,

and I don't like taking any pills at all anyway

....well, there are days when I "forget."

And every now and then I get this urgent reminder

that forgetting can have dire consequences,

especially if I am not exercising and am facing a pressured time just ahead.

And just popping those pills and three swallows and I am done,

"safe," healthier, being managed at a much better level.

So just do it.

No resistance.

No hesitation.


Now you are listening to my inner talk.

And we all have conversations like that about various things.

Like, getting into the word today, spending some quality time in conversation with God, exercising, eating in a healthier way, laying down our lives for those around us as God prompts us to, giving beyond reasonability to a need before us.......

Maturity doesn't just drop onto us or into us...or become the culmination of some extraordinary encounter with God or His Spirit. Maturity is worked out through us on a daily taking the pills....a bit at a time, each day, the endless "yes" to the Holy Spirit that forms a long chain of progress that leads to great life and character.

So today, may we live in the "yes" realm, and take whatever "pills" come our way! :)




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