Friday, July 10, 2009



We had met over many months.

Counseling through a deeply controlling lifestyle of sin.


Steps of action.

Recommended readings….in Bible and books.


Probing questions.

Patient listening.

And finally the behavior started to shift rather hopefully.

And we met again to evaluate the progress.

And out tumbled the reality.

It had happened again.

When the averted eyes and whispered words began to describe what had happened AGAIN….I got angry. I became furious….so furious tears started to roll down my face. "This cannot be. You are too good for this. This is not right." I was mad, and broken, and disappointed all at the same time. We were both in tears.

And, observing my behavior, this person said, inside: He really does care. There really is hope. I am worth something. God can help me. I should not give up. Change will come. I will believe again.

And something powerful did change inside that day.

I got mad…..and she got healed.

That was a long time ago…And now she is an effective parent, spouse, worker and Christian.

Set free.

Have you and I too often bought into the old line "all we need is love"… dah, dah, dah, dah, dah? (Beattles – remember? J)

"God, help us to remember that You promised an intensity and purity of truth that has the power to set us free – the Jesus truth, encased in transparent love, felt strongly enough to produce tears, yes, and even anger. Amen."

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